Apprenticeships are not only for new recruits – they are also a great option for employers looking to enhance the skills of existing staff. The can also be a cost-effective use of apprenticeship levy funding. 

Invest in your biggest asset – people

Offering an apprenticeship to an existing member of staff shows that you see them as an integral part of your workforce and are happy to invest in their future by giving them additional training.

Employees who take apprenticeships are are more likely to come back to your business with fresh insight having spent time learning and studying the industry off-the-job.

Using your levy funding on existing staff

Whilst many employers are keen to support ongoing development within, there are a number of perceived obstacles which can prevent organisations from taking the required steps to invest in their people, including:

  • the cost – concerns about budget
  • finding training that is relevant to your business
  • a lack of local training centres

In reality, providing your staff with relevant training which will allow them to grow and develop within their role has never been easier. And it’s a great use of your levy funding. 

Apprenticeships could be an alternative, highly accessible and affordable means of training within your workplace.

Please click the link below for a guide prepared by our awarding body.