NVQs are based on the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for the appropriate sector. NOS define what employees, or potential employees, must be able to do and know, and how well they should undertake work tasks and work roles. At Level 2 and above, these qualifications are recognised as the competence component of Apprenticeship Frameworks. Qualifications at Level 1 can be used in Traineeships, which are stepping-stones to Apprenticeship qualifications. NVQs can also be delivered as stand-alone for those who wish to take a work-based qualification.

NVQs are outcomes-based with no fixed learning programme – allowing flexible delivery that meets the individual learner’s needs. They are suitable for those in employment or those who are studying at college and have a part-time job or access to a substantial work placement so that they are able to demonstrate the competencies that are required for work.

Most learners will work towards their qualification in the workplace or in settings that replicate the working environment as specified in the assessment requirements/strategy for the sector. Colleges, training centres and/or employers can offer these qualifications provided they have access to appropriate physical and human resources.

Employee Rights and Responsibilities

The ERR component of this apprenticeship can be achieved either through recorded professional discussion/presentation/project, or the Instructus Skills online ERR Workbook available from the Instructus Skills e-learning portal.